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Boeken "taggen" in Haarlem-Oost

Haarlem Oost is a branch library in the Netherlands that wanted to encourage visitors to add tags (descriptive keywords) to the books they read. These tags would be added to the books in the catalog to build a kind of recommendation system. To do this,… more »
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WorldHum over Haarlem

When I’m in the Dutch town of Haarlem, I’m struck by the harmony and compromise people have worked out between tradition and modernity, virtuous lives and hedonistic vices, affluence and simplicity. People live well—but in small apartments,… more »
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Haarlem in de New York Times

“It’s just like Amsterdam, only smaller,” declared Dion Meinhardt, 23, who was cutting hefty golden triangles of aged Gouda for customers at Kaashuis Tromp, a Haarlem cheese shop whose walls are lined with yellow-wax-encased wheels of the local… more »
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